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How do we take the opportunity to uphold the values and principles of our world-leading curricula, in the best interests of our children and our society? Curricula experts share their expertise in working with all the New Zealand curricula in Taking the Lead - Celebrating our Curricula.

Become a qualified Health and Safety Rep with our partners at Worksafe Reps.

The content covers Unit Standard 29315 ‘Describe the role and functions of the Health and Safety Representative in a NZ workplace’, and equips Health and Safety Representatives with the skills to promote a safer and healthier place of work.

Have you ever had new ideas or inspiring experiences you wanted to share with others? But when you share them, they fall flat? How can we share our experiences in a way that inspires others to action?

The Challenge, Choice, and Change is a framework we can use to help structure our story. The framework takes people on a journey of "I have done this awesome thing and you can do it too."