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Keen to organise a workshop for your local area? Are you a Branch or Area Council official wanting to offer learning opportunities in your region? Check out the workshops we have available for you to run.

Navigating Together is a learning game to build understanding of how the NZEI Te Riu Roa Strategic Plan builds union power to advance quality education.

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal education system. This system is the goal at the top of the mountain. Our job is to climb the mountain to achieve this goal.

We all have different starting points. These are the Strategic Foci identified in the Strategic Plan, giving us a base camp from which to start our climb. On the climb, we have our toolkit in our backpack. This toolkit contains the activities we can do to build power and help us climb the mountain.

Will you defeat the challenges along the way to reach the summit?

Develop your understanding of why a child with Autism may have difficulties in the mainstream.

Using the analogy of a seesaw, the facilitators outline strategies that can help tilt the seesaw back to a place where a child will feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Facilitated by Autism New Zealand.

Build your understanding of why we use oral language activities for supportive learning and ESOL students and take a look at the different games, activities and strategies you can use.

Facilitated by Denny Newburn.

Discover ways to upskill in culturally responsive practice. There are two workshops available, both of which question 'whose culture counts' whilst empowering each teacher to be agents of change in their own areas.

The workshops unpack the meaning of the slogan “Māori achieving success as Māori," explore how to expand the Māori world-view in the usual constraints of curriculum planning, discovering where the Treaty of Waitangi is relevant, and introducing easily accessible ways of implementing a culturally responsive practice.

Facilitated by Jillian Scammell.

From time-to-time everyone is faced with challenging conversations, be it talking with students, parents, or colleagues. Develop your confidence and communication skills to have these courageous conversations.

Discover a practical framework for structuring conversations, explore active listening skills, understand how to communicate difficult messages, and improve your nonverbal communication in this interactive workshop.

Become a qualified Health and Safety Rep with our partners at Worksafe Reps.

The content covers Unit Standard 29315 ‘Describe the role and functions of the Health and Safety Representative in a NZ workplace’, and equips Health and Safety Representatives with the skills to promote a safer and healthier place of work.