Supporting students with autism

Supporting Students with Autism

Workshop Description

This workshop is to help you understand why a child with Autism may have difficulties in the mainstream. Using the analogy of a seesaw, the facilitators outline strategies that can help tilt the seesaw back to a place where a child will feel more relaxed and less anxious. They will discuss the use of visual support strategies, stories and comic strips that can help create a supportive environment. They will also outline a useful support strategy using the peers in the class to create a circle of friends. With the advent of the Modern Learning Environment, discussion will focus on how this will have an impact on the student with Autism.

Workshop Details

  • Runs for 3 hours
  • 10 to 50 participants
  • Workshop is facilitated by Autism New Zealand


Autism New Zealand. They provide support, training, advocacy, resources and information on Autism Spectrum disorders including Aspergers Syndrome.


This workshop is run by Autism New Zealand. Contact them directly to talk about running this course in your area. Please be aware that Autism New Zealand may charge a fee for running this workshop.

Additional Workshops

Autism New Zealand also provides a number of other workshops. See their website for more details and training dates.


FANZ (Framework for Autism in New Zealand)

FANZ is a two-day introductory programme about autism that enables participants to create a framework for understanding and supporting a person with autism.

Way to Play

Way to Play is a one-day introduction to playing with children on the Autism Spectrum. Playing with a child with autism can be challenging, so the Way to Play workshop offers simple, easy to use strategies to begin playing joyously together.

Tilting the Seesaw

Tilting the Seesaw is a two-day programme in which primary school staff learn and try out strategies to support and include a child with autism in everyday school activities.