Curriculum weaving: an idea whose time has come?


Key competencies have always been aligned with “21st century” learning imperatives but it hasn’t been obvious exactly how they could provide the impetus for changing teaching and learning. We do know that simply adding them on top of the existing curriculum won’t work. Dr. Rosemary Hipkins show how ideas about “weaving” approaches have been quietly gathering momentum, and how they can help us take a fresh look at the curriculum work the key competencies were always intended to do. Now is the moment for change if we want to build new thinking about “progress” into our policies and practices in a more systematic way.

Hipkins is a Chief Researcher at NZCER and maintains a strong interest in the complex space at the intersection of curriculum and assessment practices.

This talk was a part of Taking the Lead - Celebrating the Curricula in Wellington on 9, March, 2018

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